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It’s been many years since i’ve gone to a sneaker release. I felt right at home while shooting the release of the LeBron Corks at Shoe Gallery, Miami. 

I felt 15 all over again. Up while the sun was rising on a Saturday morning, riding to my local sneaker boutique to stand in line for basketball shoes. Although I was more of a spectator, I couldn’t help but to chat it up with old sneakerhead friends (who were shocked to see me out), participate in the raffling of the shoes and get some insight of the current sneaker world. Definitely not like the old times where we’d camp out overnight to be first in line – Nike releases are now monitored by local police and include a raffling system to keep it fair.

I will always and forever be a Nikehead. Shouts to #NikeTalk ;]

Thanks for the good times – Cody Hawkins from Nike and Danny from Shoe Gallery – as well as all those who came out for a chance at winning some of these strange LeBrons in the raffle. 

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