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It’s been many years since i’ve gone to a sneaker release. I felt right at home while shooting the release of the LeBron Corks at Shoe Gallery, Miami. 

I felt 15 all over again. Up while the sun was rising on a Saturday morning, riding to my local sneaker boutique to stand in line for basketball shoes. Although I was more of a spectator, I couldn’t help but to chat it up with old sneakerhead friends (who were shocked to see me out), participate in the raffling of the shoes and get some insight of the current sneaker world. Definitely not like the old times where we’d camp out overnight to be first in line – Nike releases are now monitored by local police and include a raffling system to keep it fair.

I will always and forever be a Nikehead. Shouts to #NikeTalk ;]

Thanks for the good times – Cody Hawkins from Nike and Danny from Shoe Gallery – as well as all those who came out for a chance at winning some of these strange LeBrons in the raffle. 

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I had the great opportunity to attend a bunch of movies during the Miami International Film Festival this year (Thanks Rachel!) This 10 day festival features 138 international films, showing at 10 theaters around Miami, parties, galas, and a whole bunch of awesome people.

Over the last few years, my interest in film has grown drastically, I’ll pretty much watch everything and anything. After working on sets, making my own short videos and studying the role of director of photography, attending MIFF was completely inspiring. This was the first film festival that I actually experienced as a full on festival go-er. I saw movies every day, talked to viewers, listened to Q & As and had a blast doing it all. I saw a handful of great movies, and also a few that were just not for me. I’m not here to give movie reviews, but I am here to give you a little peek into what MIFF is all about….

Some highlights from my MIFF week –

My favorite venue to attend was (of course), the Olympia Theater at the Gusman center. Built in the 1920’s as a silent movie theater and now used to showcase performing arts in South Florida, this place makes you feel like you’re in a movie.

I had a chance to see the only screening of Dark Blood, which was River Phoenix’s last film before he died (while they were still shooting.) It was wild to listen to the director, George Sluizer, talk about  some strange occurrences on set prior to his death, along with the difficulties completing the film, which took almost 20 years to finish.

The attendees! Fashionable, funky, swanky, old, young, international, local. So many interesting people who come from all over to check out the limited screenings of these films. I wanted to chat with everyone, but found it pretty difficult to bombard people as they were rushing to get a good seat.

I would definitely recommend checking out MIFF next year, March 7-16th, 2014. Considering that there were 138 movies shown, it was so hard to pick and choose what to see. Next year I will start planning a bit earlier….I suggest you do the same!

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This Art Basel was the first time I assisted in the making of a mural. Following street artists and constantly watching the process, i’ve always wanted to get my hands dirty. Who better to assist for the first time than the talented, Jose Mertz? The mural, entitled Gilda, was completed entirely with pilot markers. Yes. A mural with a marker.

The name, Gilda, is inspired by Jose’s eldest sister, who passed away earlier that week. Thanks to all of the friends and family who came by to support the mural during its progress. We are so thankful and fortunate to have had such great energy surrounding this piece, it is so much more than what can be seen by the human eye….

Not only did I push scaffolding, get dirty and help everything run smoothly, but I (of course) documented the entire thing. Check out the photos after the jump… and look out for the video in the weeks to come. You can see “Gilda” on the side of Brisky Gallery, located at 130 NW 24th St, Miami FL 33137 in the Wynwood Art District.


Kool Keith stopped by to say whats up.

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